Cheng-Hsin Orchestra Founder & Instructor: David Chu-Yao Liu

Mr. David Chu-Yao Liu is the founder and instructor of Cheng-Hsin Chinese Zither Orchestra of Los Angeles. Mr. Liu learned zither from the famous zitherist Mr. Tei-Don Wei and Mr. De-Lieang Wei. In 1985, Mr. Liu came to reside in Los Angeles, and learned Guqin from Mr. Zhoug Han Wu, a well-known Guqin artist in LA. Mr. Liu devotes himself in promoting the art of Chinese zither music and has composed and rewrote many zither music, among them are the popular "The Morning Bell of the Saint Temple", "Amazing Grace", and "My Lord, I Worship You". Mr. Liu is often invited to perform at colleges and universities across the country and remains the most renowned zither artist in Los Angeles.

  • Awarded Highest Honor by the LA County Magistrate
  • Performed at LA Auditorium for the Fo Guang Assembly; composed "The Morning Bell of the Saint Temple" for Master Hsing Yun
  • Performed at National Asian Folk Music Expo; received Outstanding Musician Award
  • Awarded USA Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Zither specialist for the hit Hollywood TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
  • Flute & zither specialist for popular video game "League of Legends"
  • CMTANC International Youth Music Competition Zither Judge
  • Founder and Director of the very first Chinese Zither Orchestra in Southern California - Cheng Hsing Chinese Zither Orchestra of Los Angeles
  • Formed the Pacific Trio with Pipa master Lui Pui-Yuen and musician Liu Qi-chao
  • Chinese Instrument Association consultant
  • San Diego State University Department of music instructor and performer
  • Orange County Performing Arts Center specially affiliated artist
  • University of the West Zither professor
  • Hsi-Lai Temple Music consultant and instructor

Cheng-Hsin Orchestra Pipa Specialist: Lui Pui Yuen

Mr. Lui Pui Yuen came to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1951. He founded an active professional Chinese instrument ensemble in Hong Kong. Besides teaching pipa, he performed for the soundtracks of many Chinese movies. Mr. Lui was one of the initiators of cross-school Chinese instrument competitions at the Hong Kong School Music Festival. He has trained numerous pipa players in Hong Kong since the 1950's until he immigrated to the United States in 1973. Lui is a master of traditional pipa repertoire and of many pipa techniques developed over the past several decades. His contributions to the education and promotion of Chinese instruments are significant. He learned guqin (ancient seven-stringed zither) in Hong Kong and has since then become a frequent performer of the instrument. Lui's last performance at CUHK in 1978 was overwhelmingly successful, with an overpacked audience.

Cheng-Hsin Orchestra Wind Specialist: Liu Qi-Chao

Mr. Liu Qi-Chao was born in Shandong, China and is a graduate from the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Traditional and Western Music. He is a musician, composer, and teacher well-versed in various Chinese wind, string, and percussive instruments. His distinctive talent lies in his capability at fusing Chinese folk music with other genres such as contemporary jazz or Western classical music. With the dream of bringing the rich heritage of Chinese music to Western audiances, Mr. Liu has performed at concert halls worldwide. He has also contributed to various works ranging from Maxine Hong Kingston's famous musical, "Woman Warrior", to movies such as "Lethal Weapon", "Kronos Quartet", "The Grateful Dead", etc. He has worked with composer James Newton Howard as well as orchestras worldwide.  He has given lectures at Yale, Harvard, Boston University, Berkeley, and many more.

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