Welcome to Cheng-Hsin Chinese Zither Orchestra of Los Angeles!

Cheng-Hsing Chinese Zither Orchestra of Los Angeles was founded on August 8, 1988 by Professor David Chu-Yao Liu and his students.  Prof. Liu is a world-reknowned zitherist and Cheng-Hsin is the first zither music orchestra in Los Angeles.

The Cheng-Hsin Orchestra's missions are:

  • To cultivate noble spirit and mind.
  • To promote proper entertainment and education of Chinese music.
  • To provide proper environment for the study of zither music.
  • To research Chinese music theory and to raise cultural standards.

Since its founding, the Cheng-Hsin Orchestra has performed at over 160 concerts in America and abroad. It is currently located in Monterey Park, California, where Professor Liu continues to teach zither music in pursuit of his goal to spread the beauty of Chinese music to the world.

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